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Word Quick Fixes

Quotes, aphorisms, unforgettable one liners. They are like Pilates for the mind. Just as with a dedicated pose/stretch you can, anywhere and anytime, de-stress or re-energize yourself, so too these little morsels of mind food can get you out of a funk or lead you to a deeper level of introspection.

A long time ago, words moved out of their usual habitat (the page) and migrated to loftier and more tropical locations such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, tea towels, signs, Instagram and skin. Two of my favourite items of clothing, for example, speak loud and clear when worn; a skirt that suggests you DO IT ANYWAY and a top completely covered in NOT TODAY!

Our home is peppered throughout with such sayings, that have become part of our daily life. For example, while sweating and straining in the home gym, in between grunts, you will be met with this

Heading down the hall to use the bathroom (in proximity to the bedrooms), guests get a chuckle out of this

At our bar, this little gem is a guaranteed conversation piece that has led to belly aches from laughter or ignited serious discussions

During COVID when it was easy, amidst the daily repetition and constraints of lock down, to become disenchanted and bored with life, seeing my CARPE DIEM fridge magnet helped as did many Instagram quote accounts and my collection of multilingual books on Aphorisms.

Thankfully skillfully arranged words can elicit big emotions for a guaranteed quick fix.

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