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What happened?! Considerations on COVID

We all seem to be waiting for a global reawakening. We sure could use some universal adaptability and empathy. Mostly, I believe, we have realized that we really need each other and that possibly our freedom of movement was taken for granted.

Hopefully it won’t be so in the future.

Our footprint ever closer to the square meters of home and country has contemporaneously never been so impactful (both negatively and positively) and so far reaching.

Many uncomfortable and ugly truths have surfaced (seen under the bright light of day) since this pandemic began. There has been a spike in domestic abuse, child depression, alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness. There have been blatant examples of people not giving a damn about the collective good. Examples of greed through hoarding and mismanagement of funds and vaccines, masks and assistance. Violent clashes between us and them groups have been given ample air time. And through it all we have been bombarded with a plethora of differing opinions, data and general information that has significantly increased confusion, anxiety and made us doubt our decision making capabilities and overall good judgement.

On the flip side, because there always is a flip side, there have also been some marked, surprising positive spikes (possibly throwbacks we could say). The creative arts, educational courses, home improvement, gardening, meditation, reading have all been on the rise while isolating. Spending quality time within the family unit has increased. Volunteers and retired health care workers have offered their services to hospitals and facilities that were maxed out due to the pandemic. Long lost friends or relations have reconnected, virtually, in the ever more pressing realization that we need to interact with others in order to live well, function and give purpose/meaning to our lives.

And due to the surfacing (or resurfacing) of negative occurrences listed above, that have received more exposure, tangible actions (in some cases) have been taken to address the issues.

It would be a shame to think that we needed a global pandemic to shake us out of and wake us from our torpor; to remind us of what is truly important in life and get us back on track. Or to underscore that humans are not as amazing as they think they are. But, if by some strange series of events or mathematical chaos or sheer magic it has occurred for this reason, we should definitely read it as a chance or an opportunity and we should grab it by the horns. A chance to decide how we truly wish to be, truly wish to live and what legacy we want to leave behind (after all we are only briefly visiting this planet).

As we continue to meet 2021 head on, behaviors will need to be adjusted  to  adapt to a new reality. Perspectives will vacillate after more than a year of requisite mindfulness, soul searching and reality checks for some.

We really need to rethink, reshape and revise our homes, social and work circles and most significantly ourselves in order to universally and, more importantly, actively participate in this much needed global reawakening.

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