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An unusual read for me, but glad I decided on it. This book could have gone all the cliched way that books on marriage and infidelity, self esteem, sexual awareness and development could go...but didn't.

It is written in a heartfelt way and quite frankly I couldn't not like all the characters even if they "behaved badly" according to moral or societal "standards", possibly because the author ensured each individual's multilayeredness. After all, that is exactly how people in real life are; different portions of good, bad and indifferent smashed into a body and topped off by a face that further complicates or facilitates the way others react to and interact with them.

This is a story about trade offs and losses, deeply felt insecurities and quietly defiant certainties not yet ready to be shared. It is about confusion and clarity and then confusion once more. And the jumble of emotions and perceptions that lead us to think a certain way, convince ourselves of choices made, fall apart in front of stark realizations and sometimes win even if it feels like losing and vice versa.

In my opinion, it is a good tumble of a read.


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