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The Unputdownables

The satisfying crack from the binding of a brand new book. The slightly beaten up well thumbed copy that awaits. Is there anything better than hunkering down with a good book? The ritual sniff of the printed page, the almost palpable anticipation prior to reading that first sentence…and then you’re off.

Across all genres there is one particular group that excites me. The unputdownables. Those all consuming addictive reads that cause you to pull an all nighter, or find you sneaking off to the bathroom during office hours just to get in a few more pages. I have stood in bookshops, already on page twelve, prior to purchasing one. And knowing that a copy awaits at the bottom of my bag or on my nightstand, produces the same level of excitement as Christmas or Nutella sandwiches after school as a child. Here are some of my favourites. What are yours?

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