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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) "X"


X marks the spot. Malcolm X certainly made his mark despite being told Xanadu was unattainable. And what beauty in John Singer Sargent's painting of Madame X wherein he X-rays her enigmatic character with his masterful brush strokes. What of Generation X surpassed by Generation Z who know not of the times when people signed their name with an X, sealed handwritten correspondence with an X and X-rated content wasn't the normal daily fare. X as an unknown value. Perfectly suited to the global condition of uncertainty, the re-emergence of strong xenophobic tendencies and the seemingly Xerox copied figures and opinions of our time.

  1. A

  2. B

  3. C

  4. D

  5. E

  6. F

  7. G

  8. H

  9. I

  1. J

  2. K

  3. L

  4. M

  5. N

  6. O

  7. P

  8. Q

  9. R

  1. S

  2. T

  3. U

  4. V

  5. W

  6. X

  7. Y

  8. Z

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