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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) "V"


Vibrations filled the air and reverberated through my body. Everyone was vying for his attention; vamping it up. Some tried to vault over the barriers, and were instantly tackled by the police. Voluminous spiky hair and viciously high heels were everywhere! Humanity in all its variegated, varicolored forms. The virile, vacuous, vicious, vainglorious, vagabond or valedictorian were all here to absorb his valuable musical musings. Driven by hormones and the voracious appetite of the very young, some became violent. Vapors filled the air, some vacillated and vomited from over-stimulation, but the majority vehemently and vociferously sang along on the verge of a mystical breakthrough, united under the venerated one’s magical spell. All vicissitudes vanished for those few hours as we voyaged to the moon and back!

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