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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) "U"


Unbelievable! She refused to understand that I was her only true friend. Upset at being told what she knew deep down  to be true, she chose to remain unfailingly devoted to those undermining her. These unctuous uncharitable individuals, who ridiculed her in private, were those to whom she offered undying friendship. As for her unique boyfriend, his uncontrollable urges stemmed from underlying insecurities and were therefore forgivable, according to his friends. He was über certain of the unlikelihood of her ever finding out what he was up to and equally certain she would never believe any undesirable news in any case.  Both of them underestimated the underlying power of repeated lying and cheating—cheating and lying. In the end, he left her point blank when something better came along. Her unabridged version was that it was unexpected and unforeseen. The unctuous bunch declared how unfortunate and unfair his abandonment of her had been, prior to their untimely exit stage left. This unanimous unabashed show of uncaring, from everyone, unraveled her. Moral of the story... you can choose to ignore it, deny it and fight it, but, ultimately, you cannot escape the unavoidable.

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