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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) "S"

The Letter "S"

Solitary and solicitous to remain so, or so, he thought. He shunned prosaic societal situations and opted for studious accomplishments instead. He was, as Morrissey said, “of a shyness that is criminally vulgar.” Known, to the immediate family by the sobriquet lone wolf. He shied away from silliness and scenarios yielding satisfactory results; seldom spoke unless directly spoken too. So you can imagine everyone’s surprise, when he suddenly shook off his somewhat singular reclusiveness the day a stranger strolled into town and immediately struck a chord with him. She thought he was something else and, as such, he started to believe it too. No longer would he stand for sanctimonious sermons shoveled by those too scared to take chances, nor any longer be suffocated by familial emotional sanctions. He showed strength of character while shouldering new burdens. He and she would share experiences and occasionally screw up. They would soothe, strengthen, support and surprise each other. They would be scared and at times selfishly stubborn. Sometimes there was screaming and suffering as they slipped and slid, steered clear and started again. Stitch after stitch they started to sew. Seed after seed they started to sow.  

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