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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) "Q"


Quintessentially quaint and elegant. People are in a quandary after meeting her. Don't let the seemingly quiet demeanor fool you, for make no qualms about it, if she so desires, she can make you quail. You mustn't make the foolish mistake of considering her quarry. She is the well camouflaged hunter. Questions had arisen amongst the quarrelsome bunch as to her suitability when she was initially hired, but after the first few meetings they became querulous in the wake of her fast talk, fine mind, nerves of steel and biting quips. The less prepared sycophants quaked in their boots when she walked into a meeting. The very fact that her outside doesn't match her inside makes her a quasi secret weapon. Many times, senior members had dropped their guard, ignored or patronized her, when she first came on board until they experienced her sanguine kills. Nowadays, they think twice before messing with the Queen Bee of the Boardroom.

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