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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) “P”


Pathetic, the platitudes proffered by people all over. Even more perplexing and alarming, the refusal of many to embrace facts. Individuals who would rather perpetuate behaviours and practices that perform nothing other than to pulverize truth, understanding, and growth. Power tripping and pure rage percolating just under the skin seems the mantra as of late, possibly borne from a Pandora’s box of perfidious propaganda and perilous falsehoods. Truth purportedly pronounced dead on arrival via preconceived unsubstantiated phony words, premised on lazy thinking and/or non thinking. Total rot! Concerned primarily with protecting their piece of the pie, these personas are propelled by single-minded selfishness and no desire to participate in the collective. What happened to being the protagonist of your life instead of someone else’s puppet. Prepare to pay the price.

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