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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) "O"


Over. It is almost over, this obstacle and ordeal filled life; this overdose of unmentionables. The overtures of death can begin in accompaniment to my obsolescence. Obstinately I have held on to my ways; omniscient of my downfall. Oracle of darkness I now allow you to overpower me as you have been doing, omnipresent, since the beginning of time. I will follow your orders and follow you to your outpost without any objections. I will obey you, not for any kind of respite, but more simply for a change of scenery for you see...I must get out! I bid you all adieu you overpriced maggots and fakes, you overqualified liars and cheats, you overachieving nothings. Good bye to all till we meet again on the other side!

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