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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) “N”


Noteworthiness nourishes. Not that she would know. She had never been noticed, not even as a child, though she had naively still believed, back then, that one day someone would. Instead, her fate was to be the neglected one. That person  who would never experience nearness or nose to nose contact with others. And so with the approach of each new year came the nagging realization that time was passing and she was fast approaching permanent nullification. She thus bagan to accept her quiet private fading away as the natural progression of a lonely life on the sidelines. Not long after turning forty, having almost no contacts and therefore no conversations with others, she began to forget the sound of her own voice. Shadows and protective layers grew denser as did the silence enveloping her, pressing down, weighty and ominous. With no one to listen to her and nothing left to say, she made her way, unnoticed, towards her inner never never land. An ungrand finale to a life wherein she had never been seen and never been heard.

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