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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) “K”


Kick ass days like those are now few and far between. Who knows how to make more; to set the world on fire again? I will bring the kindling. Days consisting of chills and thrills, ofThe killing moon by Echo and the Bunnymen and of my mom chasing me down  the street as I made my getaway. “Get back here or don’t bother coming home tonight!“ she would roar. I knew I would be let in, so kept on pushing the boundaries. Like a kite with a short string I pulled hard to slip from her grasp or at least force her to  purchase  a longer string. The kaleidoscope of possibilities out there in the shiny world were too inviting to ignore. Most of all…HE was out there. His kinetic energy affected everything.  His incredible Kashmir-like kingly beauty, brought everyone to their knees. A knockout that loves to kid around, act kooky and is genuinely kind is something to behold. The first kiss was like a knuckle punch to the stomach, leaving you feeling as though you might keel over from lack of breath. We kidnapped time and each other’s emotions all that year.  Each in possession of the key to the other’s heart.

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