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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) “F”


F orever forging forward, dragging everything and everyone along in her wake, as unwittingly flew towards the finishing line. Fearless, feral, funny, and viscerally loyal. She understood from an early age her function in life. She was the sun, with friends, family and potential partners revolving around her. At least that is how she remembers it. In stark contrast, nowadays, friends are few and far between. Life doesn’t fizz and ferment or possess the level of fervor it used to. Things don’t move as fast and aren’t as fascinating any more. Mostly, everything has become more finite. She now finds herself, regrettably, floating along in a fog, bumping into things and people but not connecting. Apparently, she has forgotten how it’s done. Forlorn and a little bit frightened she can’t find the right tempo. Where has that feisty ferociously free individual gone? The face staring back at her each morning in the bathroom mirror, is so far removed, that she fears she has been thinking of someone else.

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