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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) "E"


Encircled by an ocean of green, our house emerges from the treetops, ephemeral and effortlessly floating above the forested valley. Encompassing us are layers of hills backed by densely wooded mountains, followed by menacing craggy rock, ending in majestic snowy peaks. The exquisite beauty of the Julian Pre-Alps. For now, we enjoy the entreating sound of church bells, the ever present buzz of machinery in the vineyards and the exceptional meals at the family owned eateries in town. This is a territory that exists due to the sheer effort and exertion, earnest enthusiasm and ethical etiquette of its people, who eschewed emigrating enduring earthquakes, invasions, famines and wars. This extraordinary little corner of the world is our elixir and escape from all that is enervating and evil. Here it feels like everything will be alright.


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