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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) "D"


Deplorable domination! Devotees are despicable, domineering and deluded types who divide and destroy via the deformation and dissemination of dangerous untruths. Describe to me please this deranged sense of duty wherein: descriptors are assigned to degrade and diminish individuals intending to make them disappear, where deprivation and depravation reign supreme and where disavowing disreputable actions and delivering destructive diatribes against any dissenters is the daily bread. Domination is derision, denial, dishonor and is deliberately detrimental to democracy. It should be defeated by direct and dynamic intelligent defiance


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a dog running from its tail brushing dirt under a rug painting over a stain sealing a hole with a plug darkness diminishing light clouds covering the sun forcing wrong to be right winning using a gun


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