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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) "C"


Cross legged and cozy in a corner of my closet, I compose and choreograph compelling encounters for the charming, cool and clever me, that needs coaxing out. In my cocoon I can cry out in condemnation of the cynics, the cruel cliques and the cunning chameleons with their cloying compliments and chocolate coated cack-with-corners comments. I crave the confidence and courage to circumvent convoluted cringeworthy conversations with cowards and cretins and to curb catastrophic cross-eyed conclusions leading to countless nights curled up crying. I just want to comprehend and be comprehended. My capricious body calls. Creative juices flow. Can you see my confusion? Can you hear the chaos inside of me?


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a dog running from its tail brushing dirt under a rug painting over a stain sealing a hole with a plug darkness diminishing light clouds covering the sun forcing wrong to be right winning using a gun


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