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Snippets of Life (from A to Z) “A”


A rguably, we should have seen it coming. I’ll accept half the blame. To accurately assess the situation, we needed to acknowledge our avid avoidance of the inevitable, an agitated emotional state, and, in my opinion, his anachronistic ideas regarding relationships. As is the case most times, the significant aha moments in life rarely arrive trumpets blaring. Instead, they announce themselves as something of incredible note, only after a series of seemingly small and insignificant occurrences have been amassed to the point that their presence can no longer be ignored. It is at this point that we must admit to and accept them. Unbeknownst to us, at the time, the beginning of the end, was set in motion one sunny day when he showed up unannounced at my workplace. I cannot begin to express the irritation, and the astonishment to my irritation, at seeing him standing there. My annoyance was palpable! Antennas should have shot up at this point, but it would take another year of alternating between annoying incidents, arduous arguments and asphyxiating jealousy, for us to  admit to it all. Had we addressed the anomalous feelings earlier, we could have spared ourselves an acrimonious end and a long lasting acerbic taste in our mouths.

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