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Self importance



A staggering need to overpower

Be the person of the hour

With your far and your wide

Versus others' steady ride

Convinced your setting the world on fire

With your blinding blazing pyre

You say I am pure submission

Simply because I ask permission

You say I tremble and I please

Ignorant of how to seize

the moment

You say I take the coward's choice

Too afraid to use my voice

But, you are wrong!



Energy within

Electricity under skin

Even though I take a number

Even though I stand in line

I am capable of thunder

Even though I take my time

So convinced you are superior

Brimming arrogance and spite

All others lowly inferiors

In the shadow of your light

But upon arrival

Devastated you will find

Many there before you

And YOU!

the one left behind

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