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Pewter Sky

The day we met, a major storm was brewing. The city was a flurry with bits of paper and garbage whipping about in a crazy dance of leaps, swirls and dips; choreographed by the erratic wind. Street vendors were battening down the hatches in their kiosks. Shop owners were wheeling their wares back into the safety of their stores and pedestrians, who normally strode the streets nose to the ground, were looking up at the sky.

A "Look out!" from across the street, saved me from being hit squarely in the face by a filthy plastic bag zooming my way. I shielded my face, from the airborne attacker, with my hands. When I lowered them, I saw you. "Thanks for the heads up." I said as you joined me on the sidewalk. "Just doing my civic duty" you replied with your unusually deep voice.

The wind was whipping hair, lifting skirts and lapels, setting hats and umbrellas free. In a chaotic display of boisterous force it fueled the inanimate, gave life to the unnoticed and made me feel giddy and very young.

The sky was turning the color of pewter as bruised clouds collected; daylight transforming into moody shadows. Buildings seemed to loom in now in an attempt to squash us. The sky is falling. The sky is falling. And the two of us standing there, a few feet apart.

People in beige and grey attire were dissolving into the murky non color atmosphere around us. All the while the wind kept blustering and the leaden sky kept coming closer.

You were staring at me with an openness of expression that made me look away and look back. What did you want? Why did you keep standing there when people all around us had started jogging or full out sprinting toward the nearest shelter?

"Well, thanks again." I repeated, as I reluctantly turned to leave, uncertain as to what to do in this intimate space of blurry softness and silence. Then I felt your hand on my arm. My arm was covered by my blouse and trench coat, but your touch penetrated the layers of fabric.

I released my breath. Hadn't realized I'd been holding it, and turned once more to face you.

The heavens opened and unleashed upon us.

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