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Out on a limb

The expression out on a limb meaning isolated; in or into a position where one is not joined or supported by anyone else, is obviously not the case in this exquisite photo by Eric Tourneret.

In this quasi magical scene, we observe individuals balanced on branches of pear trees laden with their distinctive white blossoms, in Hanyuan China (the pear capital of Sichuan).

The farmers are holding and manipulating long thin rods so as to hand pollinate the blooms now that all the bees are gone (killed or chased off by pesticides used on crops).

Hand pollinating is a practice that is costly, time consuming and unsafe. The pre-work consists of gathering flowers from the early blooming trees to obtain the pollen for the pollination. This pollen must then be dried under a heating cover until ready for use to be manually applied at a later date.

Imagine the impact on China (and not only) as the number one pear producer in the World!

If you are able to visit the Gasometer (an ex gas holding silo that has been converted into an exhibition space) in Oberhausen, Germany, you can see more awesome photography, such as the above, until the end of the year, in the exhibit dedicated to global warming/climate change. Photography is not the only media used throughout the impressive exhibit space. Videos, music, fossils, models as well as curated factual/statistical informational accompaniments will leave you moved, fascinated and most of all informed.

At the uppermost portion of the silo there is the dedicated Earth room. Completely bathed in darkness, the Earth model projection floats above as the spectators observe it (and all its transformations) from the vantage point of the space station. In my opinion, a must see. But, if you can't make it, you may be interested in the following books: Jeanette Schmitz The Fragile Paradise and Jeanette Schmitz Gasometer Oberahusen An industrial heritage cathedral.

Let's talk. Your thoughts?

A transformative experience

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