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Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson

This, the first read of the New Year proves that everything doesn't have to be at the speed of light in order to have presence and worth.

It reads as multilayered modern language with a poetic heart. Passages, especially those you may most identify with, are so chunkily filled with concepts, observations and experiences to mull over, much like a Proust read.

Music is interwoven throughout as a way of life, as prayer, as mantra, as identity. It is one of the characters.

Mostly it is a love story about all the different types of love and it is a reminder that every one of us carries historical baggage that needs to be metabolized and dealt with in order to live a good, honest and free life.

I am glad to have kicked off 2023 with Caleb Azumah Nelson, for this read has set the tone for me for the upcoming months and I accept the challenge.


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