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Our perceptions of people and things are shaped by our prior experiences, our interests, and how carefully we process information. These will be personal, perhaps flawed, lacking or slow. Something to consider.

Remember as a child being shown the picture of a figure. One child stands across from the other and one sees a 9 and the other a 6, while looking at the figure, and they are both right.

The artist JR plastered the wall between Palestine and Israel with photos of taxi drivers, teachers etc…side by side and successfully and creatively pointed out that no one could tell who was the Israeli taxi driver and who the Palestinian taxi driver, who the Israeli teacher and who the Palestinian teacher and so on.

What about those pictures where you can see either a rabbit or a duck.

And what are you feelings about a random person in a hoodie and low slung jeans walking in your direction at night on a quiet street.

You are blindfolded and led to step, with bare feet, into a puddle of milk, soggy cheerios, jello and banana.

Think about random statements like, he slapped her, and then get the back story. He slapped her means abuse, victim, rage BUT she stood frozen with fear surrounded by her crying frightened children and would not react to her husband’s shouts from outside where the hurricane was almost upon them, so he came inside and slapped her while shouting to get the kids out and to the shelter or they would all be dead in a few minutes. She snapped out of her stupor and flew into action.

What I see as beautiful, you find ugly.

The absurd or the quirky.

Is that funny or offensive?

You left me. You hate me. You left me. You love me.


Photo by Ron Lach

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