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99 % oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus

arms, legs, torso, head, hands, feet, skin, organs

a tightrope artist, a musician, an electrician, a social worker, a teacher, a maid, a mime, a poet, a janitor, a surgeon, a soldier, a nun, a politician, a painter, a construction worker, a farmer, a makeup artist, a veterinarian, a hostess, a pilot, a therapist, a burlesque dancer, a trainer, a mortician, a waiter…

affluent, impoverished, middle class, religious, atheist, charming, miserly, malicious, delightful, gangly, squat, blonde, dark, beautiful, ugly, handsome, average, exemplary, loser, winner, criminal, arrogant, opportunistic, shy, persuasive, challenged, sensitive, American, European, African, Australian, punk, rocker, preppy, goth, nerd…

they are a pig, their soul is a black hole, they have a heart of gold, they are a fox, their smile is sunshine, they are pure evil, they are an angel, they amount to nothing, they are somebody, they live for love, they are a waste of time, they are a cash cow, they feed off others, they are a good egg….

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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