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She believes the lies she has been telling herself. They are what she wants to, needs to, hear.

Faster and easier that way. After all, it is the end result that counts and not all that pesky stuff in the middle. The guileful person's go to choice for a fictitious projection of self.

Gotta give the people what they want, right? And what better building blocks than invention based on deception.

Just as organisms utilize cryptic coloration to mask location, identity and movement, she uses lies for the same.

Martyrdom and victim-ism are part and parcel of this self absorbed unreality and can be dipped into (there is an abundant supply) when needed.

Wow! Look at that. Entire neighborhoods of glass castles.

Beware of falling rocks though!

Practice makes perfect. She learnt this early on. Discipline and exactitude, keeping all "facts" straight is indispensable. As time passes and each untruth is repeated and embellished repeated and embellished, it gains in numbers and reach and before you know it, the transformation from fiction to fact is complete.

Those truly artful are able to create a multifaceted complex individual and lifestyle to the extent that all edges have been blurred and thus detection is almost impossible.

Turns out it is a lot more wearisome work than she initially thought (a life long commitment in fact) in order not to be publicly shamed by those far more cunning than she, not only in the manufacturing of, but also in the unmasking of, like individuals.

So keep on honing her skills she must. Sharpen the blade and tongue. Sew up any and all loose ends and double tie the knot. Firm up the body of work and ensure relevance, modernity and wow factor is maintained.

She may have to leave her regular work soon, seeing as this lieing business has became a full time job necessitating abundant overtime to boot; all the while lieing to herself about this being exactly who she wants to be, where she wants to be and with whom.

Photo by Fiona Art


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