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It's coming...

We are just now dipping our toes into fall, and already there is the frisson of Christmas in the air.

Briskness of breezes and warm cozy accoutrements gently tug at our memory strings.

Those living overseas find it normal to shop for and ship their Christmas parcels in the fall to ensure they make it to their destination on time. And each passing year has normalized pumpkins ghosts and goblins sharing retail space with candy canes reindeer and baubles.

Idem at the bookstore, where the other day I came upon a full stack of Christmas specific reads and accessories. It was merchandised beautifully. Christmas books are little treasures with their exquisite illustrations and wonderful bindings and covers. So, I ended up spending a good half hour there and decided to add a new tradition to the Holiday Season; loading up on and reading my fill of Christmas stories.

It struck me as über odd that being such an avid dedicated reader all year long, during Christmas I binge on movies, albums and games but, horror of horrors, I totally disregard the written word.

Here are some old well thumbed titles from my childhood and some new titles that I await with a great sense of anticipatory delight to crack open and dive into during the holiday season this year. Maybe you will find some of your favorites among this list or will be interested in adding a few new favorites to your bookshelves as well. Either way, I wish you all Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!

Titile Photo: Toni Cuenca

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