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Happy Birthday little sister

Photo by Jill Wellington

Today is my sister’s birthday. It is a milestone birthday and she is handling it as we all do…with some amazement and discomfort.

At age eight, we believe that twenty is old, at fourteen that our parents are ancient. Naturally then, it stands to reason that as we see twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty…swoosh by, we are grateful for our longevity but also astounded by the associations that time brings.

So for today, April 11th, I have decided to dip into an old blog post and dedicate THE LETTER “T” (which is about the two of us) to my sorella, sûr, sister. Happy Birthday Monie!!!


Thin as a twig and touchingly pale; the timeless trademarks that elicit tenderness. Tirelessly she tried to come towards me, as I tirelessly strode away. Too many years apart and two disparate trajectories were the trouble. She was tremendously tenacious, and though terribly flattered, I couldn’t tolerate being tailed twenty-four seven. Terrible of me? Yes. Tactless of me to ignore her tears? Of course. But, teenagers will be teenagers and I too was going through my own trials and tribulations. Truth be told, I totally had her back and instantly thwarted any external threats or targeted bullying to keep her safe. The times I think about her trusting little face waiting to be told that she could take part too, only to be left behind, today, makes me twist with the torment of tremendous guilt and leaves a turmeric taste in my mouth. As is the case with most everyone, time passes and this tiny tot caught up to me, intertwining her path to mine. Today we are tightly tethered teammates tripping and tumbling together through this tangled thing called life.

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