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Fog in a Jar

Photo by Ruvim

There is a bar in Italy called the Kyrie Eleison ("Lord, Have Mercy").

Unique to it, as anticipated by the name, is an interior decoration consisting of pulpits, velvet throne chairs, confessionals and the like, collected from rectories, churches and monasteries that are no more.

On a more modern, commercial note, one of the most memorable items in the bar, is a jar of fog. A fog, the area, which is surrounded by swamps, is renowned for.

I find this tremendously appealing. Imagine, opening a jar and being enveloped in a light magical mist that bodes mystery, clandestine encounters and romance. An historical and mystical fog that shrouded partisans and aided runaways, inspired stories and fueled the imaginations of long lost souls.

How wonderful if we could, in the same manner, bottle loyalty, kindness, tolerance, good will. Consider what it would be like, to go into your pantry, cupboard or desk drawer and grab a jar of empathy as needed, pop it open and use as required. A non aggressive remedy to keep us honest and spiritually healthy. Our own moral compass as a genie in a bottle.

With all the examples of despotic rule and mistrust, lies and abuse, selfishness and uncaring attitudes in the world today, we really should try harder to conserve the manners and morals, social etiquette and good graces that seem to be disappearing all around us; Preserve fundamental behaviors and beliefs just like, when as small children, at school, the teacher would ask each student to make a wish and then put it into the wish jar for safekeeping.

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