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Fiction therapy

During the past five months of change, I have turned to books and movies for their cerebral sustenance and the comforting familiar ritual they provide.

Amidst all the tumult and unknown variables, having books around me offers the same feeling of protection as a big strong hug.

At the end of days replete with antagonistic encounters, unreliable others and unfortunate news, do not underestimate the anticipatory delight and therapeutic benefits of a great book or movie.

With regards to films, I have been re watching Annie Hall, Manhattan and Hannah and her sisters (in my opinion, the triumvirate of gorgeousness in dialogue, jazz tunes and photography). But was also surprised by a non comedic Woody Allen film (with a Fellinian and Hitchockian feel) entitled, Interiors.

Other emotionally stirring, albeit eclectic watches: The Wolf Hour, Rebel in the Rye, Colette, Marriage Story and Detachment.

Regarding the printed word, I was kept company by:

Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things and currently completely in love with Zadie Smith's On beauty


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