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Feeling bad can be good

Regret, sadness, embarrassment mixed with astonishment, joy, euphoria mixed with disappointment, jealousy, anger and a slew of nuanced emotions in between is probably where most of humanity sits in the 'feelings' department.

Yet, this state is starkly opposite to a world that flogs the need to be 100% happy 24/7 and where being happy is a gazillion dollar business.

People are losing their minds in the impossible task of achieving this beatific state of super duper uber happy.

Buy less to be happier, buy more to be happier, be more to be happier, achieve more, earn more, be content, get more likes, leave it all behind, become more spiritual...and the list goes on... as do the opposing forces to each chosen method.

Buying less equals not being able to afford, buy more and you are greedy and superficial, being content equals settling, wanting more likes makes you needy and insecure and leave it all behind to start fresh certainly points to the fact that you can't handle the pressure and are running away with your tail between your legs.

Throw in some tried and true cliches and you will be farther away from happiness and closer to hysterical even before getting started on your quest.

Freely experiencing and exploring all emotional states is good. A good cry, a releasing tantrum, a bust your gut laugh all have their individual merits. The thing is to not go to extremes. Extremes ruin everything as per usual.

To the point, just as we know that being depressed all the time or maniacal wouldn't be good, neither would being cheery all the time. There is a percentage of obliviousness that comes into play when only one emotional state is considered or adopted whether positive or negative. True engagement with life and each other requires the good the bad and the ugly.

I would suggest that variegated experiences and levels of learning through all emotions is what actually makes us vital and alive. And although being empathetic and positive and mindful absolutely abets a state of well being appreciated by all, sadness, anger and suffering are proven powerful drivers towards understanding development and achievement as well.

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