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Elizabeth Gilbert's City of Girls

What a read!

A confession of sorts within an answer to a question..."What were you to my father?"

A declaration of having existed on this earth and left a mark.

The highs are dizzyingly so and the lows are lower than pond scum. Somewhere in between is the exercise of living. Living to do, to have, to be. Never have auxiliaries worked harder.

There is no crushing truth or end all to end all. Each person possesses his/her good bad and indifferent layers. Youth is arrogantly free and breezy, middle age continues to surprise and old age puts the money on truth and only truth. But at all stages of life there is the need to belong, to love and be loved in return.

The story and the language just gets better and better with each page turn. You are literally chewing on vocab. The beat is consistent as you are dragged along and up and down from the stars to the gutter and everywhere in between by the protagonist and all the supporting characters. And what a cast of characters!

In my opinion, Elizabeth Gilbert, has successfully represented, through her sharp eye, the female in her every shape and form.

Eye opening, honest, funny, touching, introspective, courageous and oh so dear. My favourite by this splendid author.

Love love love this read! Recommend recommend recommend!!!


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