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Croipod farewell

A cream filled cannoli bursting with lemon flavor.

Tastes like summer.

This dazzling day full of promise, accompanied by outdoor cafe voices, clinking tableware, and the scent of espresso and brioches, is guaranteed to make even the most disciplined vacillate.

I have been here an infinite number of times but somehow the visits now feel more finite.

Of course this town will continue to exist, along with its sounds, scents, vibrations, sun kissed rooftops and rain drenched streets, but it strikes me that soon I won’t be part of it anymore.

I hold fast, in the most detailed manner, to memory. However, for me, places ARE the people therein.

The very spot where I sit today feeling embraced and part of it all, will reject me as I too will no longer acknowledge it, once the final reason for my being here is long gone.

Yes, shortly I will be saying goodbye to this place for good, but on this day, the subtle breeze, colorful buildings, sidewalks, strollers and lingerers still count me as one of their own, for as I take another sip of coffee a hand waves and you call my name.

Photo by cottonbro studio

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