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Cocooning for survival

Safe and cozy in our cocoons

The last time the cocooning effect hit, the world had changed forever as we sat shocked into motionlessness watching the destruction and havoc of 9-11. Fear, anxiety and a will to survive drove us indoors and into our inner selves, to reclaim and hang on to what was truly important to us.

And as is life, with its twists and turns, bumps and hiccups, joys and sorrows, we have pulled out, dusted off and applied this survival tactic yet again during this global pandemic.

COVID upped the devastation level as it made its way, with an unbelievable show of cruel equality, all around the world. You couldn’t escape anywhere because everywhere was under fire.

To varying degrees, obviously based on means and location, people everywhere began to transform their homes to accommodate the office, bistro, theater, disco, gym and spa. In short, relocating a vast portion of their life indoors.

Mental health and well being skyrocketed in importance and is still ever present on social media discussions. A purging and re prioritization of all the things that constitute our lives began. Rushing, working, rushing, resting and repeat came under fire and in depth scrutiny (at long last).

Other new alternatives, options, ideas and a refreshingly eye opening realization that things not only must, but CAN be done differently, blew into town. And most significantly, to me, the do it yourself aesthetic returned with great vigor as we began to renovate, study, read and learn from home. People that had never cooked, never learnt a second language, never held a hammer were now going for it with great gusto.

I personally love learning about individuals who opted for tiny homes on wheels, less pay for better quality of life, eliminated toxic ideas and relationships, broke the bad habit of doing things or believing in things just because it had always been that way.

Rethinking and freethinking, repurposing, renewing, recycling, reevaluating are top of mind. It is all so hopeful, inspirational and, once again, in varying degrees absolutely achievable/attainable.

Have you ever noticed how, although we all try our hardest to avoid the horrible things in life, it is precisely when things blow up in our face that humanity rediscovers its humanity.

The virus’ reason for being is to survive no matter what (by invading a host, mutating to adapt), but then again let’s not forget…so is humankind’s.

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