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Bureaucracy is a four letter word

Please allow me the usual rant that comes with readjustment.

Specifically, to locations that have changed superficially and remained the same fundamentally even after a quarter of a century hiatus.

Most will associate technological gadgets with modernity and forward thinking. True. But, as with all objects, if not understood, used correctly or to their fullest potential, they really just end up looking cool and nothing else.

Which is why, a workplace replete with electronic signage, number taking units, buttons and bells and whistles can still be, and is, an unsuccessful front for a litigious, ridiculous, unprofessional and backward bureaucracy laden office. A world of paperwork and people wading. Where the employee is civil at best, uninspired and lazy to go beyond the most basic of his/her duties and is oftentimes misinformed or ignorant on the subject matter at hand. Where the only guaranteed certitude, is that employee and client will quarrel (and in the face of deranged encounters will actually fight) during the exchange.

As everyone knows, a straight line is the shortest route between two points. Yet, this seems to escape (no! is actually zealously ignored by) bureaucracy.

Why take an efficient transparent user friendly route when you can complicate, obfuscate and make abstruse even the simplest task?

Why not use modern technology (or even old fashioned methods) to communicate contemporaneously with all concerned?

Why not, in that communication explain, describe, suggest in a succinct and thorough manner so as to avoid ceaseless back and forth time wasting questions for clarifications?

Why not empower trained competent individuals to make decisions without having to go through layers upon layers of hierarchy?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some pockets here and there operating in a stream lined fashion, but not enough to make a difference; an impact. Not enough to allow the smallest to the largest issues to be resolved expediently and allow for improved processing time, improved quality of life for the client and the employee and thus improved logistics and sector results overall.

I realize that bureaucracy runs deep, roots as far reaching as those of the Sheperd’s tree. I also realize that the old adage, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ is in fact necessary for the reduction of stress and an easier transition and adaptation when in the readjustment phase.

However, make no mistake that I will be asking a whole lot of Why?, Why not? and when possible suggesting a whole lot of What if? and How about?

Adapting I agree with, being swallowed up by bureaucracy I do not.

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