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falling in love with autumn

Trick or treating on streets still damp from rainfall. Leaves wind tossed into heaps, stuck to sidewalks and fence-posts.

Nature in Caravaggio’s chosen color palette.

Sounds are thicker heavier, fabrics denser and meals heartier.

Fresh cheeks, rain soaked slickers and damp bangs invigorate.

Indoors and outdoors are distinct once more.

Warmth from firelight and golden hues provide magic.

The smell of back to school. Expectations and tribulations.

Cocooning in your favorite blanket with a great read in hand.

The oven is once again summoned to bring forth pies and roasts. Cushions, throws and bedding are changed out to reflect the new color palette and the new temperatures. Candles the undisputed mood makers, from four p.m. on, create flickering dancing shadows and release comforting aromas.

Xarpo supervises the harvest. Families visit pumpkin patches. Foraging for branches, nuts and pine cones is in full force. The last drop of carefree times before harsh temperatures and raw feelings require will power and effort.

Twinkle lights beckon, crowded bars and cafes await the swinging of the front door, bent heads study, the wind ruffles and rustles, lifts and sets free. The air zings and is rich with the smell of earth moisture and history.

At night, under the streetlamps’ glow within huge puddles, the city streets reflect the underbelly of this world.

A lady shrieks as her umbrella is turned inside out by a boisterous gust of wind. Children dive into piles of leaves in the park as squirrels stockpile acorns and parents look on.

The sky is heavily trafficked with clouds and shadows of purple, grey and milky white. The scent of roasted chestnuts from the vendor on the corner feels like the carnival is in town.

I lift my face and close my eyes; breath it all in.

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