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August Wilson

The Ground On Which I Stand

Perfectly bold and fiery whilst remaining respectful and mannerly.

For anyone, who has ever felt (or actually been) denied, wronged, misunderstood these invigorating intelligently put words will open your mind and heart to hope and understanding.

A call to arms without weapons, torture or death, but with persuasive, articulate, precise prose.

This, the final paragraph is a perfect example:

“I believe in the American theatre. I believe in its power to inform about the human condition, I believe in its power to heal, “to hold the mirror as ’twere up to nature,” to the truths we uncover, to the truths we wrestle from uncertain and sometimes unyielding realities. All of art is a search for ways of being, of living life more fully. We who are capable of those noble pursuits should challenge the melancholy and barbaric, to bring the light of angelic grace, peace, prosperity and the unencumbered pursuit of happiness to the ground on which we all stand.” August Wilson, The Ground On Which I Stand

Two other great Pulitzer Prize winning works that could be of interest are Fences (also adapted into a film version starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis) and The Piano Lesson.

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