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Photo by Kei Scampa

They literally collided, one day, in the hallway at work. One was turning a corner, rather sharply, arms loaded with supplies and the other was bee-lining it to the bathroom.

From the get go, they were not mutually simpatico.

A superficial dusting unearthed a snobbish pedantic know it all to one and a far too direct, emotional loudmouth to the other.

Curiosity had sparked though, oddly enough, on both sides of the pond.

Forced interaction, dictated by the needs of the workplace, proved surprisingly revelatory. As intellectual exchanges led to next level understanding of one another, diffidence and competitiveness began to dissipate.

Laughter burst onto the scene in full force, and continues to distinguish their friendship today.

A much appreciated and admired sense of humor can both liquefy and solidify. And although one was irreverent and rambunctious and the other veiled and multi-leveled, together they made for a better quality of life all around.

Two stalwart women who burned deep and needed no preambles. Two people that could not be more different: in appearance (one flamboyant the other subdued), in manner (one energetic the other still) or in approach (one emotional the other logical).

Two individuals who took independent routes knowing they would always meet up at the end.

It is common knowledge that friendship is about mutual affection, and of course it is. But it is also about waiting. Learning how and when to wait. Waiting with patience, is the secret ingredient for the strongest bonds, even if arguably the most difficult to master, in an aggressive, go get em' world that expects everything done and dusted yesterday.

Waiting while the other makes mistakes or pulls away. Waiting while life begins to unravel. Waiting because true connection is based on true freedom, where both individuals, untethered, exist outside a framework, occupying their consciously chosen shared space in their own way. A space that will act as a safe haven of opinions and truths, not judgement, when most vulnerable.

Life, has, since that first collision between these two opposite forces all those years ago, dealt both friends their percentage of good and bad, and each has clocked her fair share of hours, waiting for the other. They have felt each other's wrath, jealousy and betrayal but also each other's love, support and honesty.

Two friends, two opposites, who learned when their differences needed to hold hands and when it was necessary for them to let go.

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