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An Italo Canadian way of talking

The citations below are all true and come from our family's collection of Italianisms/Canadianisms and plain goofy but effective communication.

They are retold with affection and admired for their comedic value even all these years later.

Location: Toronto, Canada between 1953 and 2009

Encyclopedia Salesman: Good morning Madam, may I introduce you to the world of encyclopedia Brittanica. It is guaranteed to change your life.

My aunt: No thank you. I'm not interesting.

Cousin 1: Don't go near nonna today. She is really really upset!

Cousin 2: Why, what happened?

Cousin 1: I'm not sure. But I've never seen her so mad. She's fumigating!

Mother: Where's Franca?

Neighbour: In the yarda.

Mother: She better not be climbing the fensa again! Tell her to come and take out the garbeech.

Aunt: Where are the crekkers I just bought?

Uncle: In the cobaird, where you always put them.

Friend 1: I saw Rosa yesterday after her shift at work. She was showing everyone in the factory parking lot her new bag

Friend 2: Designer?

Friend 1: Yeah! I wanna know where she got the money to buy a Louie Vachon with her salary!

Title photo by Pixaby


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