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Actually doing alright...great even

Thinking, speaking, doing. Even when not doing still doing, even when not speaking still saying something and so it goes.

This ever rushing on of life and we along with it. Some in the eye of the storm, some on the sidelines and still others expertly balanced on the edge.

Everyone everything everywhere moving and colliding purposefully, accidentally, obliviously.

Take any situation and measure it against a dying man, or one more fortunate, against the you of last year or the year before or against a myriad of cliches and expectations. However, measure from a place of logic and unapologetic matter of factness of freedom and courage and understanding will ensue. It will be reasonable and okay.

Spend more time thinking about movements, like when you wrote that note, held that hand or just stayed put, when you looked away, or lashed out and it really meant something to someone and featured in their lives as a specific event generating repercussions ad infinitum as they swirled and continue to swirl, rushing along with all the rest of the noise and motion.

Surrounded by the clutter of a meal and the voices of friends and family or when the wind whips the landscape and the clouds race on their way to somewhere else, I feel most a part of this perpetual flux. Everything moving and changing creating something else while leaves flutter and some drop, bird's change course, seeds and pollen scatter and a couple linking arms changes direction to avoid the strong push of the wind heading downhill instead of uphill. And in so doing alter their course forever.

All day everywhere there are those arriving and those passing through, those exiting and those moving elsewhere amidst the haphazard misses and direct hits, penetrations and evacuations, entanglements and liberations.

And all the while we react and move and think and speak, at times consciously driving and at times unwittingly driven along in this forever dance of hold and release; push and pull.

But, primarily, I realize with sheer astonishment that in fact in the midst of it all I am doing alright; maybe doing great even.

Title photo by Merlin Lightpainting

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