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There is this memory of small clasped hands and earnest whispering into the void. Please feed those without food, give a home to those without one and make those that are afraid not be afraid anymore.

This was asked from the bottom of a yet uncharted heart. And it was asked with such a fierceness believing that on the sheer strength of wanting it could be willed into being.

Naive, you may say, today for its wish like form, but examples of success stories achieved through sheer willpower do exist.

Today’s doomsday attitude can be compared and contrasted to yesterday’s statistics and cultural climate. One would see that our global discouragement was felt and ploughed through by other generations as well.

“Comfort” in numbers then.

Learning through past experiences. Borrowing from past actions that worked and not repeating what didn’t. The inspiration of major achievements and the horror of the low levels man is capable of reaching, could be applied in efforts to understand, adjust, mend, improve and generally make better our today.

The excerpts below could easily be penned today:

Well, Everybody’s running and no one makes a move…Everybody’s talking and no one says a word…Always something happening and nothing going on…There’s always something cooking and nothing in the pot…Well, everybody’s a winner and nothing left to lose… John Lennon’s song of 1977 Nobody told me
…Each person is thus equipped with the intellectual capacity to observe and criticize his own actions and values. But the human mind has become derailed. We have become less sensitive. The modern man needs noise, constant excitement…The idea of the absolute superiority of large numbers… We allow ourselves to be driven by speed, momentum–everything must happen now… Paul Valery’s writings at the turn of the century in Rob Riemen’s book To fight against this age
Traditions and norms were turned upside down as the pendulum swung back and forth between periods of war and peace, austerity and exuberance, and religious tolerance and prejudice. Further back still in the 17th century we find turbulent times as per The Wrong Side of the Blanket
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